What happens behind the scenes at televised talent competitions?

Is stage hypnosis real?

Does Hypnodog dog have superpowers?

Well, you are in for a real treat! Krystyna has done over fifty international TV shows with her Hypnodog and, in this tell-all, she spills the beans on the many hilarious mishaps, anxiety-provoking risks, as well as her amazing triumphs.

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“I can see a movie happening here.” 

Lorraine Kelly

Television presenter

“‘To you,’ congratulations on finishing your book—about time! ‘To me,’ it is absolutely hilarious.”

Paul Chuckle.

Comedy actor

“Under The Influence - Fascinating, insightful and downright hilarious.” 

Richard McCann

 Times No1 Bestselling Author.

“Krystyna Lennon’s book, Under the Influence: Memoirs of a K9 Hypnotist and Her Human, relates her experiences in such a way that you feel like you are there with her. Her stories about her appearances on Britain’s Got Talent are priceless. You get to see how a person who gets the chance to do something great actually seizes the moment and rises to the occasion. She is an inspiration for us all, and her book is a must-read.”  

Anthony T. Galie

The Corporate Hypnotist

“This book is definitely an eye-opener and contains thoughtful recollections of some of Krystyna's amazing achievements with BGT and hypnosis. The humour and pace are both entertaining and engaging. I'm thrilled Under the Influence has been released. I found the stories enlightening and witty. What a great piece of work. Highly recommended.”

Richard Barker

Incredible Hypnotist

“You need to get ‘Under the Influence’! It's honestly written and very funny indeed. It takes a lot to make me laugh but this book certainly did. Packed with brilliant anecdotes and above all fun! What a great read this is.”

Billy Pearce





Chapter 4

An Invitation to China . . . And V Festival

Chapter 5 

Chinese Performer Prison

Chapter 6 

Out with the Old and in with the New

     Chapter 7,8,9

     USA Adventures

    Chapter 10 

     Russia With Love

   Chapter 11 

The World's Best. Who, Me!

       Chapter 12

      My Philosophy

         Chapter 13 

    The Final Chapter

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Chapter 8 

Masterclass in Vegas, Baby

Superpets - Germany Backstage


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